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Geopolitical Risk Consultancy

Thinking Globally,
Acting Locally

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Investors and business must navigate a geopolitically volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) landscape where increasingly disruptions are becoming the norm.

Strategic Intelligentia utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to assess and predict transnational trends that brings together a team of experts in policy analysis, economics, security, communications and geopolitical analysis to take a multidimensional approach to political risk.



Strategic Intelligentia’s integrated research platform can be customized for each client depending upon their specific business models, risk tolerance, and industry sectors. SI integrates an interdisciplinary analysis of security and economic trends with the dynamics of the local ecosystem that is tailored to the client’s specific needs. This is in contrast to the traditional standardized approach to country risk that is not interdisciplinary and as such cannot be tailored to the clients’ specific requirements. 



Strategic Intelligentia assesses how shifting geopolitical dynamics, changing policies and evolving regulations could impact upon commercial interests.

Strategic Intelligentia helps operating companies and strategic investors to mitigate political risks and identify opportunities when entering into or expanding within international markets.


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